Friday, February 24, 2012

A little more summer and into September!

This summer we had fun trying new foods. Hannah is such a picky eater, but slowly we are getting her to at least try new things. She decided she loves sugar snap peas this summer.

We spent a lot of time at Lone Pine Farms as well. Hannah loved to play on the tractor and feed the goats.

Hannah went to her first movie this summer with her cousin Cooper. We went and saw Despicable Me.
We also had the chance to go to Wildlife Safari. I had never been there, so we headed on down, on one of the hotest days of the year. We had so much fun seeing all the animals and we even rode on a train.

Chris turned 28 this year! We had a barbecue with all the family and then played baseball.

Kevin came home on September 27th, 2011 from serving his mission in the Czech Republic. He came home a few weeks early after injuring his ankle. We were so excited to see him! He is now living back in the Czech Republic married to a beautiful girl named Barbora. More on that later!!

Recap of last summer! (Way behind)

I know it has been awhile and I don't expect anyone to be reading this, but my goal is to try this once again. i really want to use my blog as a journal/scrapbook and make it into a book. I am already working on the oldest entries as a book, but I really need to keep going so I have recent up to date stuff to make into a book. I am just going to jump right in and do an update on everything from last May, which was my last post. for now they will be pictures and quick updates, but as soon as i am caught up, I hope to do more in depth posts. Wish me luck!!

It all starts back in May.....
Hannah all dressed up
Playing in the dirt at our Bend apartment
Painting pictures for Daddy for Fathers Day. She did such a good job. We painted 3 and on 1 we put "Worlds greatest Dad. Hands Down." and on the other 2 we put Hannah's hand prints.
Sticker time
This is the day we moved from Bend. Chris and I were packing up the last few items in our room and Hannah was playing on her bed. The next thing we hear is a huge crash followed by screaming. We run in her room, Chris got there first to see the dresser on top of Hannah. He grabbed her, but she was stuck in a drawer. When I got in the room he was already trying to lift the dresser as well as pull Hannah from the drawer. I helped him get her out and try to calm her down. From her bed, she had climbed into the middle drawer and then the whole dresser fell on top of her, with her in the drawer. The top drawer broke over her back/head, we don't really know where. We checked her all over and nothing seemed broken, but of course she was in shock and then we noticed the blood in her mouth. Her tongue looked bad, so at 8 am the day we are moving, I took Hannah to the ER. The second we got there she began acting fine, of course. She was really happy until we walked into an exam room, then she realized where we were. The doctor checked her all over and all was fine, until he looked at her tongue. He decided she needed to have a stitch put in since she had bitten through it. That procedure was hard. They had to wrap her up tight, 2 of us held her body down, one held her head in place and then the doctor was doing the stitching. He had to put a stich through the end of her tongue to pull it out so he could stich up the rest. She got 5 stitches in all, quite a few more than 1. The poor thing actually did very well, she calmed down about half way through and was such a tough, big girl. The saddest part of the day was that I knew she was hungry, but she couldn't eat anything or drink anything. late that night I got her to eat yogurt and applesauce finally. We got everything moved okay thanks to friends in Bend who came and helped Chris get everything packed. Hannah still talks about having the doctor fix her tongue! She will remember this story forever!

Summer Time!

Independence Day
Throwing snaps on the ground.

Homemade Ice cream

Forgot a swimming diaper that day, can you tell!
Hannah and Cooper had to play in their toys!
Remodling the house with Grandma and Papa.
Papa let the kids write their names and draw pictures in the wall before he covered it up.

Hannah driving a bus at an event in Eugene. The kids got to see all different types of work vehicles and pretend to drive them. This was the only one that Hannah really liked.
Jones side cousins
Zoo trip
Riding on the train at the Zoo

We moved back to Springfield the end of June. We lived with my parents until September until we moved into out new apartment where we manage now. We are in Springfield 4th ward and have been loving it. We love being able to manage apartments, so far everyone has been so nice and helpful! Hannah will be 3 in less than 3 months, which I can't believe. Chris is going back to school for nursing now. He will eventually become a Nurse Anesthetist. Things are great and we are happy to be back around family. I will continue to update, hopefully today so I will be all caught up soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Memorial Day

And we begin our updates....

Memorial Day! We spent a 4 day weekend down in Grants Pass at Chris's grandparents house. Hannah loved playing with her cousins, eating popcorn and junk food, watching boat races and just being someone new. We love Grants Pass for Memorial Day!

Here is Hannah with her cousins jumping on the bed

Watching the parade from Daddy's shoulders

Eating Blind George's Popcorn (honestly the best!)

Playing outside on a rainy day! -first year it had rained on us...such a weird year for weather!

Starting to update, hopefully I will be better

So I am going to be better, I am going to be better, I am going to be better! There now I will be better at updating my blog! We have been having adventures this summer and a lot has changed for our little family. It all started last Spring when Chris decided what he wants to do! The new plan and direction is to become a Nurse Anesthetist , which means more school, but will only be 2 more years and Chris can take those classes back in Springfield so we were excited to learn we could move home!

So here we are, living with my parents again! Haha! hopefully the last time we will need to do that! We moved in with them to wait and see about an apartment management job we had applied for and yesterday we found out the good news that we did get it!! Hooray! Free rent and utilities!!! of course there is work along with it, but it is a smaller complex and I can do all the work with Hannah by my side! It will save us so much money, especially with Chris going back to school! We will move into those apartments in 2 weeks and begin working on September 1st!!
We have been pretty busy this summer helping my parents remodel the inside of there house. All new floors everywhere, new counter tops, new appliances, new texture on all the ceilings, and the list goes on. So we have been helping with that and trying to stay out of the way at the same time. The major things are done besides repainting all the walls. But everything looks so nice. We have loved living back by family as well. Hannah is able to see her cousins all the time and we have been keeping really busy with so many things to do. We love it and feel very blessed to be back!
I will be updating this net week with pictures and catching up on all our fun events since May!! Then I am making a pact with myself to update at least once a week from here on out!! Wish me luck!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things we have been up to

Here are some things we have been up to the last few weeks. Hannah's birthday post will be coming soon as well.

We were told a few weeks ago, by a nice old lady, that Hannah was going to become a pole dancer! Our dream come true!! We were walking in downtown Bend and Hannah had discovered recently that she can bend backwards and hang upside down when holding on to something. Well she picked the perfect moment to perform on the streets on Bend and was told she would become a pole dancer! We are so proud!

My new love is making homemade bread! They turned out so delicious and it is amazing how much cheaper it is to make your own bread rather than buying it from the store!
While I was straightening my hair last week, Hannah came and asked me to do her hair too, no joke! so I did! I just turned the straightener down and she let me finish the whole thing. Of course she wouldn't sit still for a picture, but you get the point. Her hair grew about 3 inches when it was all done! She looks like a different kid in these pictures!

At my parents house last weekend, Hannah wanted to watch "Woody", which means Toy Story 3. Of course she couldn't watch it without Woody and Buzz sitting next to her!
Hannah has turned into our little artist. She loves to paint now, just like me! Here she is painting in her new book.
And here she is helping me with a craft project!
We love when we get sunny days...even though it is usually only once, every two weeks, but we love to get outside! Hannah is an absolute pro at the big kid swings! She loves it and since that is all we have here, I am glad she caught on so fast!
Here is the first time she realized she could hang upside down.
Climbing a ladder all by herself!
Just a cute picture that I love!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Hannah was so cute today and did so good at church and in Nursery! Such a nice day!

I love Hannah's cheese face! She is so worried about saying cheese that she can't smile!

It was magic! She loved coloring Easter eggs!